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Locate An ATM Near You

Your Service First ATM/Checkcard gives you access to over 85,000 surcharge free ATMs on the CO-OP, Advantage, Allpoint and In-Balance networks.

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Advantage ATM

Allpoint ATMs are surcharge-free for all Advantage cardholders. In South Dakota and surrounding areas, you have access to hundreds of ATMs on the Advantage Network.


 You have access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide on the CO-OP Network. To find a CO-OP ATM, text an address, zip code, or “City State” to 91989.

Allpoint ATM

Allpoint is America’s largest surcharge-free ATM network. With over 55,000 ATMs, Allpoint is your single source for surcharge-free access coast to coast. You can find them at retailers such as 7-Eleven, Target, Walgreens, CVS/Pharmacy, Kroger and Costco.