Online Bill Pay Enhancement

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Paying People & Bills Just Got Easier With Bill Pay

We are excited to offer you a better, more robust Bill Pay! With our new Bill Pay you can expect:

Ease of Use
A more streamlined experience makes it even easier to pay bills and people through Online Banking. You can review your payments online and view electronic versions of some of your paper bills.

More Control
You decide who to pay, how much, and when. You can also select to receive payment reminders to avoid missing a payment.

More Tools
You have more choices when paying people or bills. You can set up AutoPay to set payments to get paid automatically each month.

Faster Payment Options
You have the freedom to send money how you want as fast as you need to. You can pay some bills the same day.

More Features
PopMoney will allow you to pay someone even without knowing their banking information. You will also be able to transfer funds from your account at another financial institution directly to your Service First account. 

If you are not enrolled in Bill Pay by June 6th you won't be able to enroll until after June 27th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 605-336-1047.